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Relaxed, Fun & Vibrant | Lifestyle Session | Newcastle

Last year I got to do quite a few super refreshing and fun shoots... Ones that broke me out of the studio and out into the open air!!

This is Eve.

Eve use to be one of our neighbours and throughout this shoot I got to know her a little better and was actually quite surprised to find out that her peers aren't always that nice to her.

The shock came, because the entire time I have known Eve, she has always shown my daughter & I what a beautiful, kind little soul she is. She has such a big heart and is full of generosity.

My daughter is in absolute awe of her and I can only hope she grows up to be even half as amazing.

We had such an amazing afternoon hanging around Newcastle, following the sunshine, having some laughs, sharing in happiness and of course... Eating ice-cream!!

Throughout my years I have seen people pushed around and treated badly, myself included, and I have always wondered if these people knew how hurtful the things they say or do can be and how their actions could potentially lead to devastating consequences. On the other hand, when people who are being bullied are surrounded by the love and support of their peers they can come out the other side stronger so...

If you see someone being bullied, be an upstander not a bystander.

Your actions of support can make a real difference to someone else's emotional wellbeing.

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