Diary of a Mumtographer | Intro | Bec Peterson

This year I plan to share more about myself with you.

I want to blog about my life, my loves, my crazies and all the stuff in between.

I want to be honest and raw and show you what really drives me.

I want to go back to the basics.

To show you why I fell in love with photography. Like REALLY fell in love with it.

& why I am so willing to leave my family to document yours...

Hi my name's Bec!! I am a wife, a mother and a photographer.

I love life and feel so blessed to be living it.

For the longest time I put work first and I started to fall out of love with my camera. I let clients dictate my creativity simply because I was too scared that I would loose paid work if I followed my heart. I would be so flat out "chasing the dream" that I lost sight of the fact that I was already living it.

I would spend hours upon hours locked in my office, neglecting my husband and my daughter and I began to wonder why I chose to hurl myself face first into the world of professional photography.

Because I kept attracting the type of clients that didn't really suit what I was all about, I chose to re-name my business and really begin focusing more on what drove me in the first place... and that was an unscripted human connection. Empowering people to really be themselves, and capturing all that raw emotion.

I know it sounds cliche, but it's the truth.

This time around I chose to do things a little differently. I even brought my home office out of "the office" so I could still be around my family as I worked.

I began using my camera the way I did in the beginning. I used it to document the things I loved & the emotions I saw.

I stopped caring about perfection and I just followed the vibe.

Fast forward to now.

I still love what I do except now I want to incorporate EVERYTHING I love into one.

I love capturing moments.

I love helping people gain self-confidence.

I love unexpected kindness.

I love my family.

And I love food.

I want to share all of this with you because there's nothing quite like the feelings you get looking back on old photographs...

So come along and enjoy the ride. Watch me grow as I share my experiences, my work and all the other bits and pieces xx

Photo Cred Something Blue • Molly & Mae


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