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My Inspiration | Faith | Diary of a Mumtographer

Introducing my daughter, Faith.

Faith was the inspiration behind my original business name. Inspired By Faith Photography, because she was my literal inspiration...

I took a million photographs of her on my phone as you do, but I wanted better, so I started using my point and shoot camera, lining up shots and wondering why they never came out the way I pictured in my head. I figured it must be the camera so I went out and bought a more expensive point and shoot where I could change the lenses and control the settings.

I practice, practice, practiced.

Every. Damn. Day.

I would take photos of anything and everything at all times of the day and night, but still, nothing really looked quite right.

And then... I discovered that photographers actually edit their photos, like what?! They don't come out of the camera like that??

So I started fiddling around with the photo editor that comes custom on all Macs & all my photographs started to pop, but I still couldn't get the look I was after. Everything still looked so amateurish and I cried and cried and cried.

My husband got sick of my whining and dragged me to JB HiFi to buy me my very first DSLR. A Nikon D3200. I was so excited because the quality of the photographs seemed to be so much better and my sister-in-law even gave me a 12 month trial of Photoshop so I thought I was AMAZING.

No actually.


I went out and started taking photographs of my family and friends (for free) and they actually gave me the confidence to start charging people for the horrific photos I was taking. Seriously. HORRIFIC. Hilarious and horrific.

Every now and then I'd fluke it and get in some awesome sessions, and somehow I even managed to get featured in a few magazines and photography blogs, but I was pretty inconsistent.

I started to loose confidence and only found it again through the mentorship of another photographer.

She really took me under her wing, teaching me so much about technique, running a business and finding myself.

Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with confidence, I think we all do, because as professional photographers we really put it all out there to be judged.

So there's the super redacted version of my story....

And it all began with the birth of this AMAZING little human.

You can follow her journey on Instagram @faithinsquares

Faith wears LSKD and shreds on Enjoi


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