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My Family | Watagan Mountains | Documentary Session

It’s not often I get to spend much quality time with my family, being weekends are always reserved for work, so last weekend was one of the best and only weekends I’ve spent with husband and daughter for ages… We got to do some of the things we love doing while camping (without actually having to camp, because holes in grounds and pitching tents isn’t really my thing) so… roasting marshmallows around the fire on a chilly winter day, lighting sparklers and cooking sausages on forks was the next best thing. The only items missing were our fishing rods, a damper and some quads, which we usually reserve for the Easter break anyway

I’ve always known the importance of capturing beautiful family memories, and have always loved doing it for others. Actually, I can’t think of anything I love doing more, but I often miss out on participating in and creating my own family’s special moments, so after spending this amazing weekend with my husband and daughter, I really spent the time to reflect on how important my time with them is; therefore I have decided to limit the amount of bookings I will be taking each month, in order to spend more quality time with my loved ones through-out 2017. Thank-you all so much for understanding xx