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Fearless & Framed | Great Grandma's House | Central Coast Documentary Photographer

Yesterday was my Grandma’s 90th birthday. What a beautiful occasion to capture my 2 year old spending quality time with her Great Grandma, doing the same things we did as kids when we went to visit.

While Grandma has lost around 90% of her vision, she still managed to talk about how short Faith was, but how much she had grown since her last visit. How beautiful her hair felt and how beautiful she thought it was when my daughter sang Happy Birthday to her (although it sounded more like haaaaaaaaanay oooooo you). My daughter bounced all over her Great Grandma, laughing & getting as many cuddles & kisses as she could, which I have no doubt Grandma thoroughly enjoyed...

Faith even picked out some birthday presents for her Great Grandma & her Uncle. Kinder Suprises. She was the only one who got to enjoy them. All four of them.

Although Faith won’t remember this day as she grows older, she will always have photographs to look back on that will surely stir up many loving memories...

We love you Grandma!!